Sunday, April 6, 2014

Not Perfection, But Progress

Things have really started to pick up for my project in just the past couple days! Mr. Hawkins finally gave me the A-okay to hold my walk at South on Sunday May 25th. Once I got that confirmation, I emailed my AFSP person updating her, and also submitted my order forms for all the promotional materials (flyers, postcards, wristbands) and my form for the signs, including a big "REGISTRATION" banner and directional signs for the walk route. Woohoo!

Spring break is quickly approaching and I need to accomplish as much as possible before I leave for sunny Arizona. So today I emailed quite a few potential sponsors explaining the event and attached the sponsorship packet which details the different levels and benefits that come along with each. I also have several mental health facilities I could not find email addresses for, so I will be calling those places tomorrow. Along with sponsors, I also need to start recruiting walkers. Since my walk page allows for walkers to register on a team, my plan is to get different clubs and groups at South to participate as teams. Thus far I have contacted Ms. Distelrath and Coach Zaranek for Student Association and the track team, respectively, and have also talked to girls on both who I think would make great team captains. I know the class of 2016 student council is on board as well. This week I'm going to work on getting teams made from the Tower classes and other sports teams. Additionally, I'm going to get a head start on advertising by contacting the Grosse Pointe News and Grosse Pointe Patch. Finally, I want to contact the principals of North and Parcells, because a Parcells teacher recently committed suicide and I'm sure many students and staff would like to do the walk in his memory.

As you can see things are going a mile a minute! I was so stressed earlier this weekend, but now that I have got a handle on everything and know what needs to be done, I'm feeling a lot better. I really need to start thinking about my talk, but I'm not getting too crazy about it yet.

For anyone reading who would like to register for the walk, you may do so here!


  1. Wow Hannah! You are absolutely incredible. You have taken a topic that is so hard to even talk about and not only made people aware of the consequences but you are actually making something positive come out of such an upsetting experience. I truly hope that your walk is successful and I hope that you post about it after it happens, I would love to hear how it goes! Remember… be the change you wish to see in the world. -Cassidy

  2. Hi Hannah! My name is Kimia Amirifar and I am an Administrative Chair for the University of Oregon's Active Minds. Active Minds is a National Chapter that works to change the conversation surrounding mental health and provide mental health resources for students on campus. We noticed your hard work for your run and totally support you; if you need any support like social media advertisement or something let us know! Our email is and check out our website