Sunday, March 2, 2014

Reflecting on 20 Time

This week Mr. P asked us to reflect on our 20 Time experience and what has been the best and worst parts, as well as what we would do differently.

The best part of 20 Time has been finding a passion for nonprofit work and having the motivation and time to dedicate to such a big project. Without this class assignment, I definitely would not have took on planning on an Out of the Darkness Walk like I am now. While I really care about suicide prevention, doing something this huge for the cause would not have occurred to me on my own. I'm super grateful for 20 Time because it's been an incredibly beneficial experience and will only continue to get more rewarding as I continue planning for the walk, and ultimately the day of the walk will be the icing on the cake to see all my hard work pay off. I think overall 20 Time is a great idea for high school students.

The worst part of 20 Time has been the lack of direction. It's hard because everyone's projects are so different, and we were told just to find something we're passionate and run with it. While it's a great idea, sometimes it proved challenging because I didn't have a specific game plan or checklist to follow. Looking back I realize I basically did nothing the first three months.

If I could do anything differently I would have been much more goal-oriented from the beginning. I think all in all though, I would still have picked this project, because I'm realizing more and more everyday how important it is to continue the fight against suicide.


  1. Hannah, I think this is a really cool idea and is extremely beneficial for the world. Keep up the hard work and keep saving lives in the process.

    1. Thank you, this comment made me so happy!